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Ravi Nawal has had a distinguished career as a management consultant focused on strategy. An alumnus of the famed Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), Ravi has a keen interest in innovation and its application to developmental issues before India. He strongly believes that authors can be change agents and the time for impact writing to grow in India is now.

For a long time, Ravi Nawal was an MS Office horse serving his clients and employers in myriad ways through excel sheets, word documents and power-point presentations. His career as a management consultant focused on strategy, left little time for anything out of the usual. That is until he discovered his true calling. He now devotes his energies to solving issues that have an impact far beyond him and his own. He writes books, advises start-ups and speaks, motivates and counsels the young and the marginalized. His passion for innovation led development has resulted in his first full-fledged book: India Can.

Ravi is an ardent believer in the cliche that all of us have stories in us. Even stronger is his belief that the written word can be a powerful instrument for creating impact. He has chosen to write for impact.

When he is not writing or doing what he terms as 'happy work', this alumnus from IIM Ahmedabad can be found sitting next to the river Ganges lost in contemplation and deep thought inspired by the glory of Mother Earth. At other times, he can be found scouring book cafes happily whiling endless hours devouring the words of the wise and great.

He is currently working on his next book.

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