In this month's edition, learn how to harness the power of your willpower and what's new with India Can. Read about Ravi's upcoming keynote address, latest social innovations and much more!
Food for Thought
"I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'.

~Muhammad Ali


Jots & Thoughts

"Through my book India Can and other platforms, I have been putting out ideas aimed at ensuring that India does not fritter away its demographic dividend. In the same vein, here is an idea on how large organisations can continue to attract and retain brilliant and ambitious talent...” Read more

Book recommendations for the month

  1. Tony Robbins: Money- Master the Game
    Summary: This is not your average, run of the mill book on financial success. Tony Robbins, motivator par excellence, makes America's top investors spell what motivates them and then spill the valuable, unconventional secrets to their success.
  2. Alexander Osterwalder: Value Proposition Design
    Summary: In this vibrantly illustrative, example driven book, Alexander explains how the best organizations create value and monetize it. And how in a step by step manner, you too can learn to do the same.
  3. David Allen: Getting things done, 2015 edition
    Summary: If you have read GTD before, this will be a good refresher, along with the few added chapters and cleaning up of outdated references. In case you are new to this concept, this book is a must read for anyone and everyone!


A better You for a better India: LifeHacks

(Harness your willpower)

Did you know that by Jan 15 most people have given up on their New Year Resolutions? If you want to avoid becoming a part of this 'National Quitters Day', read on to know how to use your willpower to follow through on your dreams and resolutions.

#1: Define your goals

Like they say, if you dont know where you going, every road will get you nowhere. Setting goals helps identify what you want to achieve and helps focus your energy and resources on the important areas. So to train your will power first decide what is it that you want to achieve or accomplish.

#2: Small wins

As countless productivity experts repeat- to achieve huge projects you need to break them down into smaller goals and attack them one bit at a time. Similarly to strengthen your willpower you need to work on smaller tasks before taking on the bigger ones. Over time your willpower wont get uncomfortable with large projects.

#3: Review early, review often

If you can measure it, you can manage it. So document your efforts and do a periodic review. Learn to ask the why you succeeded or failed and what can you learn from both. And remember to give yourself a pat on the back when your progress is on track.

#4: Loop in some support

It is useful to have a support group or accountability partners to hold you to your goals But remember, a recent study revealed that talking about your goals makes you less likely to achieve them. So only use their help if you are really stuck!

#5: Learn the difference between gratification and happiness

You can earn back anything except time. So make sure you are spending your precious time chasing happiness and not instant gratification. When you take on something new, make sure it is aligned with your goals and values.

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Innovators' Zone

10th pass Brick Kiln owner invents brick laying machine

What: A patented brick making machine that makes 150 bricks/minute
Who: Satish, businessman in Ladhwan village
Notable: The machine is as productive as 120 labourers & order for 25 machines already placed from all over India

Govt of India showcases work of medical startups such as AINA

What: Mobile diagnostic platform to screen and monitor chronic diseases
Who: Sidhant Jena, Michal Depa
Notable: Also promotes healthy habits with companion mobile app, team boasts of several Ivy leaguers


KIIT Bhubneshwar- Entrepreneurship workshop by Ravi Nawal
Jan 19th 2016: In this motivational workshop titled 'THINK LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR', Ravi helped students realize the potency of entrepreneurship and come up with business plans that can help realize a better India.
Keynote Address by Ravi at IIFT, New Delhi
Jan 20th 2016: IIFT hosted Ravi Nawal as the keynote speaker for its literature festival, which is a part of its annual festival Quo Vadis. Ravi spoke on "The Social Aspect of Innovation."
Guest Lecture by Ravi at IIM Raipur
Jan 29th 2016: Catch Ravi brainstorming social innovation with the top managers of the country at IIM Raipur. The lecture will be held during the annual festival- Equinox 6.0. More details here
Panel discussion at Entrepreneurship Summit, IITB
Jan 31st 2016: Ravi will be moderating a panel discussion on social innovation at E-Summit, IIT- Bombay. Also catch Rahul Yadav, Sachin Bansal, Kunal Shah and several other entrepreneurs. More details here