In this month's edition, learn how to beat stress at its own game and what's new with India Can. Read about Ravi's talk at IIT Kanpur, latest social innovations and much more!
Food for Thought
"No two persons ever read the same book.
~Edmund Wilson


Jots & Thoughts

"During morning walk recently, a fellow walker posed a question- how does one cultivate one’s mind- like a garden or like a forest? This left me wondering; initially my perspective as an urban dweller inclined me towards the garden- meticulously planned, flawlessly manicured, predictably neat and clean. A forest- ...” Read more


3 books you must read

  1. The Decision Book: 50 models for Strategic Thinking
    Summary: This brilliant book by Mikael Krogerus & Philip Earnhart condenses the best business models from MBA courses around the world into a handy guide, with a special focus on ensuring stickiness of the content. If you want to know yourself or others better, or even assess a business plan, this is a must read.

  2. Indian Family Business Mantras
    Summary: Peter Leach and Tatwamasi Dixit, internationally renowned vedic scholar and family business consultant, lean on their experience as well as scriptures and ancient history to reveal inner workings of a successful family business. A engrossing read with some very interesting examples.

  3. Abode under the dome: State Guests at Raisina Hill
    Summary: Authored by Dr. Thomas Matthew, Additional Secretary to the President of India, this book takes the reader through some not so well known pages of history. Find well written, memorable incidents from visits by Nixon, Eisenhower, Queen Elizabeth II and other important state visits.

A better You for a better India: LifeHacks

(Beat stress without stressing)

Last month we learnt about the power of positivity in our every day life and how we can train our mind to accomplish mammoth tasks. This month we build on those positive habits to let go of stress.

#1: Get up and move around

Just the physical act of moving changes our physiology. Even in your car you can stretch several muscle groups such as the neck, back and arms. This simple act by itself can help your muscles from locking up and causing you to feel irritated.

#2: Breathe

People forget to breathe. Funny as it may sound, most people are breathing wrong. Breathe in a 4-7-8 (breathe in, hold, out) pattern and you would find your stress levels sinking faster than the titanic!

#3: Laugh often

Countless research articles have been published on the therapeutic effect of laughter, it has become a rare commodity in this world. The price of success is increased tension, which should never be a reason to stop laughing. So find your funny bone and tickle it well!

#4: Reach out

When we get immersed in our day to day routines we isolate ourselves and sometimes that makes us finicky. Connecting with people helps us find perspective and ease out worries from the mind. So make the call and meet that friend you have been putting off since ages.

Stress has been proven to be root cause of several life threatening diseases; if you learn to manage stress you are giving yourself the best health cover possible!

The best of the Internet

  1. A Kochi restaurant that is taking a new approach to helping the homeless

  2. A 2kW solar panel that can power your fridge and your AC too!

  3. A metric that most startups give a miss- Values

  4. Why is Startup India ignoring rural innovation?

  5. When 35 girls share one pair of boxing gloves and an Olympic sized dream!

Innovators' Zone

Mumbai girls create a novel way to get rid of dry waste

What: An small scale furnace that uses seawater to turn dry waste into electricity
Who: 4 girls aged 10-13 from Thane
Notable: The pressure cooker inspired device has added filters that only emit clean air, curbing pollution

Swasthya slate- A panacea for rural healthcare?

What: A technology platform that is capable of 33 diagnostic tests such as Blood sugar, ECG, heartrate
Who: Kanav Kohl
Notable: Centralizes health records and only costs Rs 53,000 vs Rs 5 lakhs for conventional equipment


IIT Kanpur- India Innovators
Mar 5th 2016: IIT Kanpur hosted a panel discussion on "Innovators in India" with Ravi joining Pawan Agarwal (CEO- Dabbawala), Sanjay Katkar (Co-founder- Quickheal), M. Muthukumar (VP- Juniper Networks) and Abhishek Telang (CNBC Awaaz) for an engaging discussion on innovation.
EXL: Talk on innovation
Mar 10th 2016: As part of its annual meet, EXL hosted Ravi for a talk on innovation. The session was well received amid long discussions on the ideas behind the book India Can.
IIIT Jabalpur- Abhikalpan
Mar 11th 2016: Ravi Nawal delivered a motivational talk on 'I can, India Can' as part of IIIT's festival Abhikalpan 2016. The talk focused on co-creating ideas for socially relevant innovation in India.
Indian Chamber of Commerce
Mar 26th 2016: In a close interaction with ICC, Ravi talked about his journey as an impact writer, the processes involved in innovation and how companies can leverage them to stay competitive.
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