In this fortnight's edition, find out how you can develop a better morning routine and what's new with India Can. Learn about the latest innovations and much more!
Food for Thought
"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something- your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life." ~Steve Jobs


Jots & Thoughts

All human experiences, emotions and feelings are God's gifts. However, there is one that I hold dear over the rest - Hope. And when I talk of hope I get reminded of two beautiful quotes that have stayed with me through life - "If winter is here, can spring be far behind"... Click to read more

3 books you must read in the next 14 days

  1. Rebooting India: Realizing a Billion Aspirations
    Summary: In this brilliant book centered on Aadhar, Nandan Nilekaani & Viral Shah share the inside scoop on how UIDAI became a lean mean machine that delivered on time and under budget. 
  2. Never Eat Alone Summary: Keith Ferazzi reminds us why networking works above everything else and what master networkers of the world do right. A very inspiring read that tells you the nuances of keeping in touch and pinging. 
  3. ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever  
    Summary: Everyone has an idea these days, what people lack is the will and discipline to convert the idea to reality. Jason Fried demolishes age old ideas about starting up and points towards a better, beautiful way.


A better You for a better India: LifeHacks

(Morning Routines)

#1: Get Up Early

Ask any successful person for advice and there is one thing common to all of them- Wake up early. This not only gives you a headstart over others, it also allows you to control your day before the day can control you.  

#2: Drink warm water 

Drinking at least 700 mL of warm water right after getting up cleanses your digestive system. Its also the easiest way to get into a habit of hydrating yourself throughout the day .  

#3: Exercise, even if only for 5 minutes

You have a whole gamut to choose from- yoga, gym, pilates, zumba; whatever rocks your boat! But in the words of the wise Yoda, do this, you must. 

#4: Choose your shower temperature well!

A cold shower helps empty your mind while a warm one stumulates your thoughts and fires up your creative drive. 

#5: Select your clothes the night before

Take out the clothes or 2-3 choices of clothes you would like to wear A bit of planning the previous night can save you a lot of time every morning when things are likely to get hectic!

Remember starting your day with a great, empowering routine makes you more confident and primes you for a productive day at the office.

The best of the Internet

  1. 9 Incredible Jugaad Solutions That Worked in Chennai Floods!

    The indomitable spirit of Chennaites is amply displayed in these series of heartwarming images.
  2. Government's 'Startup Village Entrepreneurship Programme' To Foster 1.82 Lakh Entrepreneurs

    The GoI is getting aggressive about the rural sector, leveraging the startup boom to create more opportunities and entrepreneurs. Sustainability is the key word here! 
  3. Can bike-taxis solve big-city connectivity issues and ride their way to success?

    YourStory shares some important numbers and perspective on Bike Taxis, the first idea from India Can to fructify. Hopefully the ride will smoothen over time!
  4. To promote Kalam's message of a pollution free India, this 63-year-old man is touring India in his self-made solar car!

    And people are squabbling over the car rationing in Delhi. As Gandhi rightly said, be the change you want to see in the world. 
  5. India to get its own positioning system, and its touted to be better than GPS

    TheBetterIndia reports on this ISRO project that will help in disaster management, vehicle tracking & fleet management, navigation for travellers with visual and voice navigation!

Innovators' Zone

A low cost neonatal care to help babies born prematurely in far flung areas 

What: A device called Saans to support babies with Respiratory Distress Syndrome while they are transported to neonatal care at far away hospitals
Who: Nitesh & Nachiket from Coeo Labs  
Notable:  160,000 babies due each year due to RDS, Saans can prevent 30% of these deaths which happen during transport
Cost: Rs 10000 for saans vs Rs 60000 for existing products 

A Simple Technology That Can Solve Indias Clean Water Problem

What: Low cost bio-sand filter 
Who: Canadian scientist Dr David Manz
Notable: Removes all viruses & most other contamintation including heavy metals like arsenic
Cost: Rs 3000


India Can - December Meetup
DEC 18th 2015: Socialpreneurs from all walks of life gather together over a cuppa to hash out ideas about how India Can goes forward. Venue and agenda will be circulated in a separate mail.


India Can in the News

Read Ravi's interview in the Hindu on India Can & also his article in Entrepreneur Magazine on the Top Trends in Innovation for 2016


Ravi predicts the Top 10 opportunity pools in India in the coming years. Whats your take? #indiacan #entrepreneur #startups #entrepreneurmag #india #empowerment #invest

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